NOVUS GPS, or Geolocal Planning Strategy, is our strategic planning framework. It differentiates from most agencies in that:

  • NOVUS puts your business at the center, focusing on incrementality via understanding response by granular location, audience and medium.
  • Plans then begin with a deep understanding of location– where your customers are relative to stores, how they respond/buy at determined geographies – from regional to ZIP to custom trade area.
  • Audience targeting layers are then applied, including demo, volume targeting, and/or other triggers like weather or competitive behavior.
  • Media is optimized by both location and audience, again focusing on response vs pure media metrics like R/F.



We have a guiding philosophy that led to this framework:

Geography is destiny – in life and business.

We believe that WHERE people live, work and play is inextricably linked to every aspect of life — from the teams they cheer, to how they talk, to how much they make or how long they’ll live. Similarly, we use data-driven insights to predict how people are motivated by media and what they’ll buy.