Focusing on the Who, Why and Where

With the advent of mobile technology and usage, as well as micro-local targeting capabilities, understanding who and WHERE people are is more important than ever to drive incremental business results—be it store foot traffic, improved ROI, or sales volume. We know from our work with dozens of clients and categories that customized geography equals incrementality. So at NOVUS, we’ve made that our goal. Here’s the key: We use local insights to create balanced, relevant, customized programs for every partner we work with. Our insights light a clear path toward connecting with your customers — not just where they live, but wherever they go.

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With a full team of hands-on-keyboards digital traders operating off our proprietary programmatic trading desk, Proximity, we offer the full spectrum of both programmatic and direct digital plans and buys – whether it’s executing display, video, mobile, CTV, paid search, paid social or digital versions of Sunday circulars.

We activate national, regional and hyper-local campaigns, targeted down to the ZIP Code, trade area or store level.  Additionally, we provide in-campaign, deterministic foot traffic measurement as a standard part of our service.

Video / TV / CTV

Video is everywhere, grabbing customers’ attention on devices in their homes, on their trains and the palms of their hands. Our experience in national and local broadcast, TV, digital video, and advanced television such as CTV gives you a whole suite of video options to optimize your TV/video buys.

Whenever the right people tune in, we’ll place you there.


We take pride in activating your prospects and customers whenever they’re most receptive, and audio offers a growing opportunity. Proprietary tools like Beacon which pull a data feed from the FCC and calculates the signal strength of every terrestrial radio station in the US, help ensure we get the audio messages to exactly where your customers are.

Our robust vendor partnerships and location-data expertise will drive the right mix whenever people are listening, from traditional terrestrial radio to satellite, streaming / podcast – to drive growth for your business.

Out of home

As digital technology advances, programmatic platforms offer data driven, creative and contextual capabilities to target consumers on the go, exactly where they are to capture their attention.

Our approach to media planning and buying offers advertisers the best of both traditional and digital OOH while delivering business results.


From newspaper and trade publications to magazines and mail, we are among the largest buyers of print in North America. We’ve pioneered the best ideas in the industry.

We understand how to navigate and optimize the changing landscape in your favor. And we never stop innovating new investment strategies for you to achieve a stronger return on your investment.

Analytics & Measurement

Our approach to measurement and analytics centers around understanding the difference between information (which is more about raw data and reports) and intelligence (which is about understanding the “why” and “how”). Ultimately our goal is to measurably improve business results.

We aren’t here to just build reports, but rather, to enable better decisions.