Bringing Value to Streaming Subscribers


With the average American subscriber paying almost $1K yearly on streaming subscriptions, how can streaming platforms and advertisers work together to bring value to customers? Rob Davis, CMO and President at NOVUS, has some ideas.
  • Learn from cable’s mistakes: don’t run too many ads. Broadcasters may have thought they were being clever, but consumers noticed the creeping ad load. One major reason why people disliked cable is they went from 24 minutes of content, 6 of ads; to 22-8 and 20-10.  Streamers should maintain a balanced and viewer-friendly ad-to-content ratio to avoid alienating their audiences.
  • Streamers, always keep consumers in mind. While cable has had its share of prestige TV, streamers seemingly offered high-quality shows that were totally separated from ad content. Ads should be supplemental to the viewing experience without overshadowing the content, especially if you’re billing a monthly subscription fee. Consumers come – and stay – for the high quality entertainment.
  • Don’t fear skippable ads. Let’s be real, every person is not watching every ad until the very end. Marketers should view skippable ads as valuable – they are cost-efficient, improve brand perception, allow for increased engagement, and may give you a few key indicators that other ads do not.
  • Be careful with ad-supported viewership guarantees. Netflix’s experience of reportedly refunding advertisers for missed viewership targets highlights the importance of setting realistic and transparent audience estimations. Marketers have goals they need to hit, and giving them money back doesn’t help. Be transparent upfront with your audience estimations.
  • Think of streaming as a full-funnel opportunity. From interactive ads to exclusive promotions, streaming ads offer a dynamic and interactive environment for brands to connect with their audience — from brand building and awareness to conversions.
  • Keep innovating your creative to engage viewers. Compared to traditional TV, streaming platforms often offer fewer and shorter ads, providing a less disruptive viewing experience while still delivering value to viewers through relevant advertising.  In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by messages across different platforms, breaking through the noise requires fresh, captivating, and memorable creative strategies.
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