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At NOVUS, we build profitable strategies from a foundation of robust data, powerful tools and intelligent analytics. We get to know your objectives, then discover detailed nuances about your customers and your market — and it all results in a customized program to boost performance and growth.

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Today’s landscape for marketing and media never stops shifting — your customers, competitors and market are evolving every day. NOVUS has the tools to serve as an intelligence hub for your marketing efforts, synthesizing detailed information from a wide range of data partners, to gather deep insights and drive better business decisions.


At NOVUS, our analysis leads to astounding improvements — just ask our clients. Our scale brings you the power of major data, campaign planning and implementation partners, to address varied measurement needs and strategic shifts. We’re proactive and predictive about the right channel mix for you and we optimize your budget while increasing your ROI.


Defining your target involves far more than basic personas and ZIP Codes — we filter your data through a surgical lens of personalized consumer behavior and market and competitive factors, media effectiveness and so much more. Our multivariate and geospatial analysis gives you actionable insights to reach consumers not just where they live, but wherever they go.


Whether you have servers full of customer data or you’re starting from scratch, our unprecedented integration of first-, second-, and third-party data delivers more profitable strategies. And partnering with us gives you access to tools, dashboards and visualizations that bring complex algorithms to life. We have the infrastructure to handle the needs of enterprise-level companies and small businesses alike — and we make it simple for you.

More power to you.

Our deep roster of data and analytics partners give you access to exponentially smarter information and tools.