Super Bowl 58 Regional Roudup: More Buzz for Less Cash

A regionally targeted buy can be an affordable and effective Big Game strategy.

By Kyle O’Brien

At $7 million a pop for 30 seconds, a national buy in the Super Bowl is a pricey ticket for advertisers. Those who want to save some cash but still get the cachet of being in the Big Game opt for a regional or local buy.

The tactic lets brands put more precious budget into production while grasping the moment as a rally for fandom. And with social media extensions, agencies know they can get more bang for their buck while drafting off Big Game energy.

A regional buy gets brands in-game media in select markets where brands can more readily prove they will have success. The network must offer a certain number of regional and local spots throughout the game, and those spots offer advertisers a way to maximize their budgets, even if they don’t reach a national audience.

“Opting for a regional buy allows brands to secure in-game advertising in specific markets where they have a higher likelihood of success. Marketers can optimize their ad spend,” said Rob Davis, CMO of Novus, an independent agency specializing in customized and localized media plans and buys.

Brands big and small are releasing their regional teasers and full spots before the game, including Opendoor, Truly, Dude Wipes, Coors Light and many others around the nation and into Canada.

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